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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- September 08, 1870
    False Friends (Editorial)

    The glorious victory which the Germans won at Sedan--the most glorious feat of arms recorded in modern history, perhaps in all history--has had a queer effect on the Anglo-American friends of the cause of Germany. The Chicago Tribune, which imports its economic ideas from England, seems particularly bent of imitating England's "neutrality." Its attitude has undergone a great change since Louis Napoleon has been taken prisoner and the French Provisional Government assumed the euphonious name "Republic". Hear the Tribune shout to the Germans:

    "For God's sake, stop! Desist from this cruel business! Heretofore you have waged a war of defense against France, and as long as that was the case, we sympathized with you. But if you continue to fight, if you change the war of defense into a war of conquest, if it is your intention to humble the 'noble' 2French nation, then, well, then we will have to direct our sympathy to France!" Listen:

    "Since the Bonapartes have been overthrown and a popular form of government has been established, any dismemberment of France must be a cause for indignation among all the civilized peoples of the earth. If Bismark is the sensible man we think he is, he will advise the King of Prussia not to continue the march of Paris, and to return to Berlin without delay. Prussia will be able to offer much better conditions of peace, if she voluntarily "turns her back" to the French Republic. Until now Prussia has had the moral support of the world, because she deserved it. But is she takes advantage of the helpless situation of the French Republic, which has not offended Prussia in any way, for the purpose of humbling the new Republic, things will take a different turn, and the sympathy of enlightened nations will divert to France"--indeed, the sympathy of all hypocritical Pecksniffs, of all the insidious, jealous, and cowardly people who envy Germany.


    Publications which are characterized by the superficial nonsense and the childish ignorance so typical of the French, will change their attitude, just as the Chicago Tribune did three days ago. However, Germany and all good Germans will merely despise such false, hypocritical friends.

    People who take it upon themselves to give advice like that which is offered above, should positively have their heads examined for loose nuts. It is impossible that a person of sound mind could imagine that the French people, as such, were radically changed at the moment when Louis Napoleon placed his sword at the feet of King Wilhelm of Prussia. The "awakening" brought about at Methodist camp meetings would be very slow when compared with the suddeness of this supposed French "revival". If one took an armed robber from a penetentiary and placed a placard bearing the inscription; "This is a noble and honest man" upon him, or better, if one put a poster inscribed, "Temple of Virtue" above the entrance to the Joliet prison, that would be the same sort of "change" that has taken place in France. An Emperor is taken prisoner; because 4no other is available for the purpose, seven million slaves, who May 8 resolved that they would be servants of Bonaparte for all time, call themselves a "free people", and lo, the Chicago Tribune hastens to assure them of the sympathy of the whole world! What folly! What treachery!

    Fortunately, the German people are alert. They know that France, irrespective of its occasional changes in government, has been on a continuous watch for prey in Europe for the past three centuries. Whether under the Bourbons, or under the National Convention, or under Orleans, or under the Bonapartes, it has always looked for an opportunity to destroy the unity of Germany. And those same men, who are now heading the second Republic as a provisional government, are among the most malicious, treacherous, and unscrupulous enemies of Germany. Their first governmental act consists of committing a barbaric atrocity which not even the most brutal aborigines would contemplate: They expelled all peaceful Germans from Paris. That is the manner in which these 5Republicans--they are nothing but republican apes, just as Napoleon was an imperial monkey--that is the way they sue for clemency and forbearance.

    The same whining and sobbing in behalf of the "noble" French nation will issue from England--cowardly, false, hypocritical, insidious England. The English, too, will assure victorious Germany that one who has been robbed and has taken the booty away from the robber, is a robber himself. What dreadful moral philosophy!

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