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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- April 09, 1868
    Yesterday's Primary Election Frauds in the Second ward

    There was a lively participation in the various wards in the primary election held yesterday, and in some wards there was a real rash to the polls. The people who fraudulent forced Gough's candidacy for alderman upon the citizens of the second ward have undoubtedly taught independent Republicans of that ward that a nomination which has been brought about by such means is not equivalent to election.

    The same suspicious characters who succeeded in preventing the nomination of our German countryman, II. Spier, last year, were again active at the polls in the second ward yesterday, for the purpose of nominating one of those "mysterious failures" in the person of Gough, who will do everything but represent the interests of the second ward. The hack drivers, warren and Reed, were especially active in his behalf, and their hacks and express wagons made regular trips between the polls of the first and second wards, in order to throw the ballots of illegal voters in the balance for the benefit of Bolshaw, the 2friend and patron of Chicago prize fighters. Only by exerting themselves to the utmost, did the decent citizens of the first ward succeed in averting the shame of Bolshaw's nomination from the Republican party in Chicago, and in nominating Cox. However, in the second ward, the clique accomplished its end, and Gough won the election from his opponent, Laflin--by fraud; but the citizens of the second ward are determined not to submit to this imposition; the recurrence of the tactics employed at last year's election has caused deep and wide spread indignation, especially among the German voters.

    A meeting will soon be called to place the name of another aldermanic candidate on the ballot, and he will receive the support of all Republicans who have the welfare of the ward and the Republican party at heart.

    The happenings of yesterday again prove that greater precautions are necessary to keep the Republican primaries clean, and it will be the task of the city central committee, which is to be elected, to take the necessary steps to insure honest balloting in the future. Hereafter, lists of Republican voters 3must be in the hands of the election inspectors on the day when the primary election is held, to prevent the fraudulent occurences of yesterday.

    The other candidates for alderman are, on the whole, men whose character and social position merit respect, and who will help to win a victory for the Republican party on April 21.

    From the reports which have been published thus far, General Smith and Lyle King appear to be the leading candidates for the office of delegate to the convention; Mr. Christ Loeding seems to have the best chances for the office of clerk. No doubt the convention will make appointments this afternoon which will do full justice to the Republican party.

    I F 6