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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- July 31, 1871
    [Political Matters]

    The meeting of the Workers' Association for Social Politics which was held yesterday at 113 Milwaukee Avenue was very well attended. Mr. Zimpel took the chair. Mr. C. Klings gave the main address. He pointed to an article in the Illinois Staats Zeitung which had all too clearly shown the mistakes of the worker's movements heretofore. The workers must take care not to let themselves be hoaxed again by the professional politicians.

    In 1869 the People's Party accepted the workers' program but not a single one of the People's candidates who were elected kept his promises. Now they had asked Karl Schurz to come, so that his nimbus may throw a glory around the reform humbug. Schurz, however, had shown himself in his true light last year in St. Louis, so that any thinking worker could easily see through him. He would adopt any political persuasion that his interest dictated...Where is there any difference between politicians? Democrats, Republicans, and the reformer Schurz all worked for the land theft from the people by the Northern Pacific Railroad. If the workers were not able to name their own candidates, at least they should not permit themselves to be used by the spoilsmen and office hounds.

    I F 6, I D 1 a