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  • Chicagoer Arbeiter Zeitung -- January 18, 1889
    Disregard of Judge Tuley's Decision.

    Although the law suit of the Arbeiterbund vs. Mayor Roche resulted in Judge Tuley's decision forbidding the corrupt and venal police to disturb or prohibit any meetings of peaceful citizens, and although the judge stigmatized the procedure of the police as criminal and Mayor Roche and his hired police rowdies had promised to a bide by the judge's decision, they nevertheless pursue their criminal activities despite the court's decision.

    Mayor Roche refuses to put a stop to the criminal practises of his police chiefs. Because the Mayor as head of the police refuses to issue a written order to his henchmen regarding the right of free speech and assembly, we are forced to infer that Roche is the true originator of those disturbances which Judge Tuley condemned as illegal and criminal.

    As we all know, Professor Garside of Baltimore is at the present time in Chicago. He was to lecture on very important questions of the day at several meetings. One meeting was to take place in the thickly populated northwest side district.


    However, the council of the Chicago police objected, so that no hall owner or manager of the entire northwest side is willing to rent out his hall at no matter what price. They all declared very positively that they would very much like to lease the hall for the meeting, but that the police is making too much trouble. If, however, the committee were to secure permission from the mayor or chief of police, they would gladly rent out their halls. Even the Aurora Turnhall was subjected to this ban. Mayor Roche refused a written consent to a committee of three.

    What is Judge Tuley going to do now and how is his decision going to be respected?

    What are the Turners going to do if the Aurora Turnhall cannot be used any longer for open minded lectures? What do our citizens say to this official anarchy? This same Roche retained his subalterns in office despite all the proofs furnished to him regarding their criminal activities.

    I F 6, I C, I E, II D 9, III B 2