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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- September 18, 1862
    The Reply of Mr. Butz

    "Chicago, Illinois,

    "September 16, 1862.

    "Mr. A. C. Hesing et al.: The request of so many respected citizens of this city that I become a candidate for Representative at large from the State of Illinois is certainly worthy of my most careful consideration. I also think that at a time when German arms are doing so much to save this country, the advice of a German ought to be heard in our national assembly. That one of the fourteen Representatives from our State be a German is not asking too much, especially since the Germans have done a great deal for the progress and growth of Illinois.

    "However, it does not follow that I have any special claim to the right to represent the Germans. No doubt, there are many other men of German extraction in our beloved State, who have more ability and experience in affairs of state 2than I have. I cannot judge whether or not the Germans consider me qualified to serve their interests in the political arena.

    "Of course, if the State Convention acknowledges the just claim of the Germans, and should the German delegates choose me, I would consider it my duty, albeit a difficult one, to enter the campaign as the candidate of the Germans. In case I am elected, I will have to resign my position in the Superior Court and devote all my time and energy to my new office and its great responsibilites.

    "Hitherto, such close harmony has existed between the Germans and the progressive Americans in Illinois that the first man recommended as a candidate by a German delegate has been nominated for the office in question. I do not seek this office, yet I have no reason to refuse it if the Germans are successful in their efforts to nominate me.

    "I have frequently voiced my political principles, so that I am sure that they are known to you. With reference to the war against the southern Rebels, 3I have but one principle: 'Use every legitimate means to destroy them!'

    "Caspar Butz."

    I F 4, I F 1, I G, IV