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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- March 28, 1868
    Democratic County Convention

    Yesterday the following were elected delegates to the Democratic county convention, which will meet tomorrow in the office of the county recorder:

    First Ward

    Judge Fuller, Philipp Conley, Ira Foote. [Translator's note: The names of four more men are listed.]

    Second Ward

    Joseph Schlossmann, Fritz Buchspies, Samuel Fleischmann. [Translator's note: The names of five more men are listed.]

    Third Ward

    H. A. Kohn, Peter Hies, H. G. Mueller. [Translator's note: The names of five 2more men are listed.]

    Fourth Ward

    Francis G. Sherman, George W. Morris, A. P. Sharp.

    Fifth Ward

    Henry Scheffler, James Ives, James Mulloy. [Translator's note: The names of six more men are listed.]

    Sixth Ward

    No report.

    Seventh Ward

    G. Schaaf, John Reiser, Edward Powell. [Translator's note: The names of seven 3more men are listed.]

    Eighth Ward

    No report.

    Ninth Ward

    C. F. Colby, John W. Connett, Hugh Maher, S. F. Runyon.

    Tenth Ward

    Joseph Haas, A. H. Buck, Dr. Georg P. Frust. [Translator's note: The names of three more men are listed.]

    Eleventh Ward

    George Hochmeier, D. D. Klein, Jacob Clein. [Translator's note: The names of 4three more men are listed.]

    Twelfth Ward

    No report.

    Thirteenth Ward

    Theodore Weiler, Clement Gies, Peter Brachtendorf. [Translator's note: The names of four more men are listed.]

    Fourteenth Ward

    F. A. Winkelmann, H. F. Wehrfeiler, W. Marringer. [Translator's note: The names of five more men are listed.]

    Fifteenth Ward

    A. S. Weckler, Joseph Kraemer, M. S. Stenger, G. Rammelmeyer. [Translator's 5note: The names of seven more men are listed.]

    Sixteenth Ward

    J. Rosenthal, G. Deutcher, M. S. Webber, J. A. Weinberg. [Translator's note: The names of seven more men are listed.]

    I F 4