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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- April 01, 1868
    Republicans of Fourteenth Ward Meet

    A well-attended meeting of the Republicans of the fourteenth ward was held last evening at Hillinger's Saloon, 601 North Wells street. Mr. John Hettinger explained the purpose of the meeting, whereupon Mr. Rudolph Ruhbaum was appointed chairman, and Mr. Martin Horn secretary. On the proposal of Valentin Ruh, a committee of three was appointed to make recommendations for the organization of a permanent Grant Club. The chairman appointed Mr. V. Ruh, Mr. P. Steinmueller, and Mr. T. Reily. This committee made the following recommendations with reference to officers:

    President: V. Ruh.

    Vice-presidents: T. D. Reily, E. Albert, John Mettinger, S. S. Whitney, H. Schlotthauer.

    Secretary: R. Ruhbaum.

    Assistant Secretary: Martin Horn.

    Treasurer: F. Carsons.


    Executive Committee: P. Steinmueller, A. Hottinger, H. Jahus, A. Funk, T. J. Recse, F. Mitte, M. P. Beecher, J. Taubman, F. Frillmann, C. Poesch, J. Loeber, R. Engel, P. Lenz, H. Kenkel, J. Nibbe.

    The president and secretary were authorized to call meetings as they see fit.

    Mr. Whitney, Mr. Dow, and Mr. Roily addressed the meeting in English, and Mr. Ruhbaum, Mr. Ruh, Mr. Hettinger, Mr. Berger, and others in German. All speakers emphasized the importance of the coming election.

    Mr. Berger and Mr. Reily, who are candidates for alderman, declared that they would acquiesce in the decision of the primary election.

    Adjournment followed.

    I F 4, III A, IV