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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- January 14, 1862
    [Can't Germans Read?]

    By a single vote the proposal to publish the proceedings of the Constitutional Convention in the German language was rejected.

    Mr. Muehlke, a Chicago delegate, proposed that the minutes of the Convention be published also in the German language, and recommended that the Illinois Staats-Zeitung be used as the medium of publication.

    Mr. Kopfli, Democratic delegate from Highland, supported the efforts of Mr. Muehlke, and the proposal would have been adopted, if several delegates who favored it had not been absent when the vote was taken. Mr. Fuller, also a Chicago delegate supported the proposal.

    It would not have been more than right to give German citizens an opportunity to read the proceedings of the Convention in the German language, for then they would be able to vote more intelligently when the new Constitution is 2submitted to the people for acceptance or rejection. No doubt Mr. Muehlke was very much encouraged when his first endeavors in behalf of a cause which normally would be frustrated by the predjudice of native Americans, were so nearly successful; and it is a great credit to those Democrats who cast aside all party differences and voted in favor of so strong an opposition organ as the Illinois Staats-Zeitung; although they were probably influenced by the fact that this paper has the largest circulation of any German newspaper in the City.

    I F 3, I C, I E, II B 2 d 1