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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- January 22, 1872
    [Concerning Fire Risks and Their Prevention]

    Many oitizens published on January 18 an appeal in the Tribune that aroused antagonism among the Germans or the 16th Ward. It ran as follows:

    "Those opposed to the extension of these (fire) limits have manifested their wishes conoerning the subject, under the auspices of the Prussian eagle on last Monday evening in the hell or the City Council. So the public is, no doubt, conversant with the peculiar topic of these Communistic philosphers.

    "A grand mass meeting will be held at the place of Mr. Chas. Raggis, on the evening of the 20th, at 7:30 P. M. Let every honest man attend the meeting, and show that rowdyism must be put down, and fire limits, which in reality should be the city limits."


    Many Citizens.


    The idea was to pass a series of resolutions which should embrace the fireproof point of view, and should represent the Germans as disorderly, peace-disturbing rowdies. However, the intended demonstration ended not as it had been planned.

    After 8 o'clock many Germans, and Anglo-Americans had arrived, and the designated speakers began to lose their thread. They had to change their tone and were satisfied to have a petition to the City Council adopted asking to have the Eastern and North Eastern part of the Ward, along Lincoln Park, included in the fire limit. On Mr. Hesing's motion a committee was named by the chairman consisting of Mr. A. C. Hesing, P. Bass, I. Hathaway, D. Goodwillie, J. Armstrong and the two Aldermen Schmidt and Stout.


    All that the instigators or this "grand mass meeting" dared to demand was the inclusion of a district about 1/8 square mile large, a district of which only about one-third has been ravaged by the fire, and that third is mostly owned by Anglo-Americans and those who have the means to construct brick houses.

    Mr. Hesing was enthusiastically requested to speak. He gave a prolonged adress.

    I F 3, I C, III A