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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- June 26, 1873
    The German-American Central Association.

    Mr. Rosenthal, as President of the Agitation Committee, had Philip Stein read to the assembly the platform worked out by the committee.

    The Platform.

    Resolved: The Civil Service of the Federal, State, and local governments has become a mere instrument of party tyranny. We consider a reform of the Civil Service as a matter of great importance.

    Resolved: That the actual conditions of public finances make it imperative to administer the city and county expenditures in the most economical manner.

    Resolved: That the education of youth is the most effective means to prevent crime and that the erection of a sufficient number of schools is one of the most urgent needs of the city.

    Resolved: That we consider it to be in opposition to our institutions to arrest some one for a misdemeanor punishable by a fine. In such a case a summons satisfies 2every just and legal purpose. All laws and ordinances to the contrary should be abolished.

    Resolved: That neither the State, County, nor City police has the right to impose on one part of the population the views of another part of the population, as to how to attain happiness in this life and in the hereafter.

    In consideration of present conditions we agree, that on Sundays business places and amusements should be so limited as not to interfere with religious services, but we deny one part of the population the right to dictate to the other part of the population about how to celebrate Sunday.

    Resolved: That temperance is to be recommended and intemperance to be opposed. We suggest the planting of vineyards and the reduction of taxes on wine and beer. All publicly sold beverages should be inspected, and if adulterated should be confiscated and their owner punished.

    Resolved: That we recommend an ordinance, which would forbid the granting of a license for saloons, loan places and fruit stands to persons of ill repute.


    Resolved: That we consider as a basic principle, that each one can be responsible only for his own actions. We recommend the repeal of the legislation, which makes the owner responsible for the actions of a tenant who has rented the place for honest purposes.

    Resolved: That we recommend these resolutions to each and every citizen. We invite every one to join this movement, so that we may regain our fundamental rights and liberties as citizens.

    The platform upon recommendation of Mr. Nickoff was accepted unanimously.

    General Lieb announced that 9,000 copies of the Liberal American are waiting to reproduce the platform.

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