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  • Chicagoer Arbeiter Zeitung -- March 22, 1881
    Die Convention (The Convention)

    The Convention of the Socialist Labor Party, was held last night at Zepp's Halle, 54 West Lake Street. After the opening of the meeting by Mr. Spies, Mr. Blum was elected chairman and Mr. Spies secretary. Peter Petersen was elected vice-president and Messrs. Graumann and Schroeder entrusted with the counting of votes. Then, the reading of the platform took place, which caused a short debate, as to the wording of paragraphs 1 and 2, and after adding a few more paragraphs, the platform was accepted as follows:- "The Socialist Labor Party, which met at this convention claims to be true to the fundamental principles of international socialism, and its independence of all other political parties.

    We demand: 1) That no further privileges shall be granted to corporations such as street-car companies, that all such shall be in the city's possession, and shall be operated and maintained by the city.

    2) Considering the state of the lighting system, we demand the 2same procedure as above.

    3.) The progressive spirit of the 19th century demands, an education for every child. Due to a shortage of schools etc. 10,000 school children past 5 years of age, are deprived of the opportunity of attending a school, therefore we hold, it is the city's duty, to build schools, thus giving every child a chance to get at least an elementary school education; that text books etc. shall be given free of charge, and to establish kindergarten classes at all schools.

    4.) Regulating the railroads, as to the right of the way, within the city limits. The city should demand of the railroad companies, that they erect viaducts on all crossings, and employ flagmen at street crossings.

    5.)That the city shall be kept clean, and drainage canals built within the city limits.

    6.)Sanitary inspection of all victuals, manufacturing plants, etc.

    7.)The erection of public bath houses in the city.

    8.)That the city control and administer all such work and refrain from making contracts with companies.

    9.)Public libraries in three different districts of the city.

    10.)That the Board of Education, consists of teachers and pedagogically 3educated persons only, and that all public school teachers should have passed 25 years of age.

    11.) Not to engage in beautification of streets and boulevards, for the use of the wealthy class, with hundred of miles of neglected and impassable streets as in the case just now.

    12.) That the city council shall force the tramway companies, to put into operation a sufficient number of cars, thus putting an end to the ever crowding, thus endangering the lives of the passengers.

    13.) That all city employees must be absolutely qualified and be of a spotless character.

    The next step was, the nomination of candidates for the office of mayor, Jim O'Meara and Dr. Ernest Schmidt have been proposed. Jim O'Meara has won the nomination. Frank A. Stauber was nominated for city treasurer. A lenghty debate ensued, as to the nomination of the State atterney, but Mr. Parsons has finally been nominated. Mr. Belohradsky won the nomination for city clerk. The proposing of aldermanic candidates, for the first four wards, has been put in the hands of the central committee. Mr. Koch is the nominee for the 5th ward. Mr. Altpeter has been nominated for ward 6. For the 7th ward, Mr. 4Sylvester Artley and Henry Selzer were proposed, with Sylvester Artley the winner. The central committee has to decide on the candidates for the 8th and 9th wards. The 10th ward nominee is Dr. Julson. The central committee has been requested to propose candidates for the 11th, 12th and 13th wards. The proposed candidates for ward 14, were Peter petersen and Julius Leon, but Peter Petersen was nominated with great acclaim. The nomination of a candidate for ward 15, is up to the central committee, also for ward 16, with the request, to nominate Christ Meier, in case he could meet certain demands. The proposing of candidates for city offices, has been left for the central committee to decide upon.

    Adjournment followed then.

    I F 3, I D 1 a, I D 2, I E, IV