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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- October 21, 1873
    New Allies

    Last Friday a meeting of forty gentlemen of the Independent Citizens took place at the Pacific Hotel. They appointed a committee which last Saturday made the nominations, and in consequence of these nominations several members left the convention.

    Yesterday afternoon a meeting took place in which the committee was supposed to make its report. Present were Edmund Jussen, Richard F. Banmann, Seeberger, Jae, Beiersdorf, (G. Schneider, Louis Wahl, L. J Kadisch, and Jos. Huhn were represented by other Germans), T. A. Horan, O. C. Bonfield, fol. Rickerby, H. O. Collins, George R. Hall, George D. Barrett,R. Kelsey Reed, W. Allstrom, B. Callaghan.

    C. C. Bonfield was elected chairman. Edmund Jussen said in his speeck: "In the absence of the chairman of the committee, I take the liberty to make the report. As a German American I must protest against the proceeding of the committee. They have dared to do at this convention, what has never been attempted in any organized community in which Germans were living. Not only have the Germans been 2completely ignored in the nominations, but the office promised them has been given to their most rabid enemy. To make matters worse, to soften our resentment, the office of city attorney is given to the Germans by a later nomination. It is an insult, if you believe you can thus win us.

    "I consider it a tragedy that the election will be fought according to nationalities; but since it must be so, better now than later.

    It is my opinion that if the liberal Americans and the liberal Irish join the Hesing - O'Hara party, we can then expect a tremendous victory." Col. Rickerby said, that in his opinion the Germans had been treated shabbily, that he would not support a ticket which excludes any nationality. A. T. Moran said, that Jussen complained about the treatment given the Germans. He could make the same complaint in regard to the Irish. How did they go about the splitting of the Hesing O'Hara party? By throwing out all the Germans and Irish. It is true two Irishmen were nominated but they are Republicans and cannot thus represent the Irish who are mostly Democrats.

    Mr. Callahan endorses the protest, so do Mr. Bonfield and Collins.


    The meeting is adjourned.

    I F 2, I C