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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- February 22, 1876
    [New Hall Dedicated]

    of the newly erected hall of the Chicago Labor Society on Desplaines Street was celebrated last night wick all the dignity and air of distinction appropriate to such occasions.

    A large audience was present, the majority of which was composed of the old German citizens, amongst them the old Hoeken and F. Erbe, who as president of the building committee has done much toward its success, also Mr. Degenkardt and others. An orchestra under the direction of the young violin virtuoso George Hermann gave a splendid concert.

    The song section of the Social Labor Society gave a few songs after which the president of the society, Mr. A. Holz, in a short speech introduced the main speakers of the evening, Mr. Francis A. Hofmann, Jr., who in turn expressed his appreciation of the honor of being chosen to deliver the celebration speech, although he is the youngest member of the oldest society: "Ladies and Gentlemen! Your participation in this celebration which you adorn by your presence shows that you have the welfare of the Labor Society at heart. The completion of this building 2which we in today's celebration dedicate to our society with the purpose well known, is a new chapter in its history. It is human nature that after a certain lapse of time we look back upon notable moments; therefore it seems appropriate on this occasion to give a mental picture of this Society's past.

    The Chicago Labor Society was founded in the year 1858 with the aim of furthering the German worker socially as well as intellectually, and for cultivating and propogating the German spirit of happiness and cheerfulness. Thanks to the efforts of the society the library disposes of 4,000 books, amongst them a number of excellent works. Free lessons of useful knowledge were given the younger members of the society and the arena of debate saw many an experienced fighter. The society worked on a principle, that the field of activity has to be unlimited. There were 1,200 members at the society's most prosperous time. Nevertheless, the society did not become absorbed in its own interests but as a link of the great chain, it kept in touch with the outer world and frequently busied itself with political questions. Is the deadly enemy against free work and general mental development raised its demonic head in the south, this society displayed an activity for which it still 3receives our just admiration.

    The members not only followed the call of the Fatherland in distress, but the needy families of those courageous fighters were helped by the society. In short, the Labor Society rendered at that time of distress its duty to patriotism and humanitarianism most extensively.

    In the year of 1869 the society acquired a lot for its own home, the same on which we now stand. But the same element which seems to have a preference for our city, consumed on May 10th of the following year our labor hall.

    The society was hit hard for they were not able financially to create a new building.

    Let us proclaim this new building as the citadel of citizens' faith and of human rights, and without pledging allegiance to any leader or party and without intolerance of the opinions of others let us spread the eternal doctrines of the rights of man. Let this new building be instrumental in the fight against corruption, exploitation, hypocrisy, nativism and temperance by the use of free speech!

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