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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- November 05, 1861
    Town Clerk of South Chicago (Editorial)

    We consider it to be our duty to call the attention of German voters who live on the South Side to the fact that Mr. Leonhardt Lamperts, one of our ablest German fellow citizens, is a candidate for the office of Town Clerk. Mr. Lamperts served as gauger for several years. Although that public office pays but a very small salary, Lamperts' work was very satisfactory to our businessmen as well as to the public. In gratitude for these faithful labors, and in recognition of his many efforts in behalf of the cause of the Union, Mr. Lamperts was driven from office by the present Mayor to make room for a man who was willing to be the tool of the Court-House clique. Mr. Lamperts was nominated for the office of Town Clerk at the convention which was held at Bryan's Hall, and he is well fitted to perform the duties of this office, the income from which is also exceedingly small. We hope that Mr. Lamperts will be elected.

    I F 1, I F 6, I J