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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- April 15, 1864
    Republican Candidates for Alderman (Editorial)

    Never before have the Republican citizens of the city of Chicago nominated better aldermanic candidates than those whose names appear above this article. Most of the candidates who were nominated in the recent primaries are widely known as patriotic, honest, and able men. Among the eighteen aspirants there are five Germans, to whom their countrymen may justly point with great pride, and who will undoubtedly do their full duty if elected.

    Peter Shimp has been a member of the City Council for two years. Originally he was not elected as a party man, both parties the Republican as well as the Democratic, having voted for Shimp, who at that time was a Douglas Democrat. When the Copperheads came into control of the city administration, they believed that Peter Shimp could be "persuaded" by the party whip to vote for their 2measures; but Mr. Shimp was too good a patriot and Union man to betray his country. He abided faithfully by the last statement which Stephen A. Douglas made: "Now (during the war) there can be only traitors and patriots"; and Peter Shimp turned his back upon the former and took his rightful place among the latter.

    John Raber is known to the Republicans of Chicago as an old and faithful friend of the Union and of the cause of liberty. He served the city as collector for two years, and his final accounting proved that in him the Germans had furnished an official who administered the financial affairs of the city conscientiously and ably. He will perform the duties of an alderman equally well.

    Anton Hottinger has served the people of his ward as alderman since the last municipal election. Had Mr. Hottinger been a member of the party that had a majority in the City Council, or, rather, had Mr. Hottinger's party been in the majority, he would have succeeded in doing much good for the city and for 3his ward, for there is hardly a Republican alderman in the City Council who is more respected and has more influence than Mr. Hottinger. We hope that during his next term he will have the pleasure and opportunity of fighting on the side of a Republican majority.

    Gustav Fischer was elected to the Board of Supervisors last fall, and the fact that he was nominated without opposition is proof that the citizens of the Thirteenth Ward are entirely satisfied with his services. Mr. Fischer has been a Deputy Sheriff for a long time, and likewise in this office he has proved to be an able, reliable, and willing servant, thus winning the respect of his fellow citizens.

    C. B. Lindemann is not known to the voters, since he has not yet held public office. We cannot, therefore, cite his public record to prove that he is able and trustworthy. However, we have known Mr. Lindemann well for a long time, and can predict that he will be an excellent alderman; in fact, we congratulate the Republican party upon its choice of a candidate. Mr. Lindemann has always 4been identified with the great party of liberty and has been active in the promulgation of its principles. He deserves the honor which has been bestowed upon him and should be given a seat among the City Fathers. We are confident that the citizens who nominated him will do everything in their power to elect him by a great majority.

    The Sixteenth Ward is a ward in which it will require great effort to elect a Republican; however, nothing but this effort is required, and the victory will be won if our citizens do their duty. We refer all those who have any doubts on this score to the results of last fall, when the Republicans in the Sixteenth Ward succeeded in electing Charles Drandorff to the Board of Supervisors. What was possible then, is not only possible again, but can be accomplished with much less difficulty, since a great many people who voted the Democratic ticket at that time have left the Democratic party, because it is controlled by the Chicago Times. So let us take courage and work diligently, and C. B. Lindemann will represent the Sixteenth Ward in the City Council.

    Christian Techtmeier won the nomination in the Seventh Ward. He is one of 5the oldest settlers of Chicago, a man of the people, a worker in the true sense of the word. We are happy that the voters of the Seventh Ward have shown by their choice of a candidate that they want to be represented only by men who have the welfare of the country and their community at heart. The fact that Mr. Techtmeier enjoys the respect of his neighbors, and of the residents of his ward in general, is a strong indication that he will be elected.

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