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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- April 14, 1868
    Inspectors and Places of Registration

    Following is a list of places of registration and supervising inspectors of election.

    First Ward--First District

    Inspectors--Simon W. King, B. B. Tuttle, S. S. Benjamin. Place of registration--49 Wabash Avenue.

    First Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--Charles F. Chilson, Peter Regitz, A. Banyon. Place of registration--98 South Wells Street.

    Second Ward--First District

    Inspectors--W. T. Hancock, Isaac Howland, C. C. Garber. Place of registration--Southwest corner of State and Van Buren Streets.


    Second Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--Joseph Butler, William H. Young, Anton Berg. Place of registration--Northwest corner of Van Buren and Sherman Streets.

    Third Ward--First District

    Inspectors--John D. Jennings, Joseph Pollock, George A. Meech. Place of registration--Taylor Street, in the rear of 504 State Street.

    Third Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--N. S. Bouton, E. R. Fowler, Dr. Hahn.

    Fourth Ward--First District

    Inspectors--George C. Morton, W. R. Schroeder, R. A. B. Mills. Place of registration--Buell House, southeast corner of State and 22nd Streets.

    Fourth Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--W. P. Comstock, Morgan, L. Keith, Samuel Boerger. Place of 3registration--Old Engine Number Nine, corner Cottage Grove Avenue and 26th Street.

    Fifth Ward--First District

    Inspectors--Henry Schmitz, Henry Morris, John Bannon. Place of registration--680 Archer Avenue.

    Fifth Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--James Clary, Thomas McMahon, Christian Freund. Place of registration--131 Archer Avenue.

    Sixth Ward--First District

    Inspectors--B. G. Gill, Nicholas Linden, William Jauncey. Place of registration--Maxwell Street Engine House.

    Sixth Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--W. W. Washburne, B. Weichselbaum, Anton Schaefer. Place of 4registration--Home of Michal Fitzgerald, northwest corner of Polk and Canal Streets.

    Seventh Ward--First District

    Inspectors--George Heart, Christian Tegtmeyer, Gotthard Schaaf. Place of registration--Corner of Mitchell and Union Streets.

    Seventh Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--A. Bruening, William Frazier, Edward Murphy. Place of registration--Blue Island Avenue Engine House.

    Eighth Ward--First District

    Inspectors--R.P. Deerickson, Michael Reddinger, Theodore Clowry. Place of registration--Corner of Blue Island Avenue and Sampson Street.

    Eighth Ward--Second District Inspectors--R. M. Guilford, William Boehmer, W. I. Onahan. Place of registration 5--Home of James Bridgeman, Polk Street near Centre Avenue.

    Ninth Ward--First District

    Inspectors--H. Weinkopp, Samuel McColter, Daniel Worthington. Place of registration--Washingtonian Home.

    Ninth Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--A. St. John Campbell, Thomes McNamara, J. Pike. Place of registration--West Lake Street Engine House.

    Tenth Ward--First District

    Inspectors--Pleasant Amick, A. G. Loewe, Hiram M. Chase. Place of registration --West Jackson Street Engine House, between Clinton and Jefferson Streets.

    Tenth Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--Alvin Salisbury, George W. Bohannon, A. L. Amberg. Place of 6registration--Engine House, corner Washington and Clinton Streets.

    Eleventh Ward--First District

    Inspectors--William Weimann, George Morey, Henry Grace. Place of registration--Corner of Carroll and Desplaines Streets.

    Eleventh Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--Peter McGinnis, A. L. Bennett, A. W. Klein. Place of registration--Corner of Halsted and West Indiana Streets.

    Twelfth Ward--First District

    Inspectors--Charles H. Duensing, Louis Schultz, A. O. Bryan. Place of registration--336 Milwaukee Avenue.

    Twelfth Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--James McGrath, W. G. Sturtevant, H. Thies. Place of registration-- 7421 Elston Road.

    Thirteenth Ward--First District

    Inspectors--Fred Bensinger, Eben Woodruff, Henry Rose. Place of registration--Engine House on Larrabee Street near North Avenue.

    Thirteenth Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--Thomas Shirely, Peter Mahr, James Curry. Place of registration--(not given).

    Fourteenth Ward--First District

    Inspectors--Robert Engel, Louis Berger, John McHughn. Place of registration--Corner of Larrabee Street and Clybourne Avenue.

    Fourteenth Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--Henry Jahns, Philipp Steinmueller, John Ries. Place of registration--Fritz Frillmann's Saloon, corner of Division and Wells Streets.


    Fifteenth Ward--First District

    Inspectors--Henry Wendt, J. C. Grant, Dr. Boyer. Place of registration--North-west corner of Chicago Avenue and Wells Street.

    Fifteenth Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--William McClark, W. S. Golsen, Lorenz Baer. Place of registration --Corner of Rush Street and Chicago Avenue.

    Sixteenth Ward--First District

    Inspectors--Joseph Briggs, Elihu Granger, Andrew Nelson. Place of registration --Corner of Franklin and Indiana Streets.

    Sixteenth Ward--Second District

    Inspectors--Fred Heintze, Martin Green, Patrick Smith. Place of registration --North Market Hall.

    I F 1, I F 4