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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- November 06, 1871
    [Political Matters]

    Tomorrow the citizens of Cook County will be able to show if the misfortune that has come over Chicago shall not at least have the one good result that the bums and scoundrels who have remained on the property of the city like leeches are put into discard.

    The ticket that has been presented to the public by the central committees of both parties consists of a series of names which belong to the best and most esteemed of the city. They are the names of men to whom every citizen could intrust his private fortune without anxiety. Men, who unlike C. C. P. Holder (candidate of the opposition) do not use up the charity funds intrusted to them to ride around in buggies, nor would they keep them in their own pockets, nor use them to enrich Irish schnaps-keepers, in order to buy votes through them. They are on the contrary, men whose names alone are sufficient to get for the city the credit which it so urgently needs.

    Shall a fellow whom the whole German public for years has been pointing out as an incendiary - be elected as a representative of German intelligence and honesty? Shall our police and our fire department (the impotence and inefficiency of which four weeks ago has been so glaringly exposed) remain an Irish Democratic organization, worse than the disreputable New York municipal 2police? If this should happen, it would be a terrible blow for the honor, the good name, and the credit of Chicago.

    I F 1, I C, I F 4, I F 5, I F 6