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  • Abendpost -- January 13, 1899
    Hail Harrison: Hail Altgeld: German Clubs Indorse Altgeld as Candidate for Mayor.

    While the supporters of the former Governor of Illinois are in the midst of the campaign and working like beavers, it appears that the Harrison-people are comparatively quiet, as if they intend not to use up their powder, too soon. Nevertheless, the strategy is completed; the banner bearers have been selected long ago. The ticket will read: Mayor: Carter H. Harrison: City Recorder: Wm. Loefler; City Treasurer: Wm. Legner; for the post of City Attorney: Robert Redfield, the Democfatic representative of the 5th senatorial district is to be slated, as the former incumbent, Miles Devine, has been dropped, purely for political reasons. The Mayorality candidacy of Atlgeld has been endorsed by the "Platt Duetschen Gilde Von De Waterkant, No. 42" (Low German Guild of the Shore, No. 42) the "Independent Order of Honor(German), and the "German-American Colony Association", and at an earlier period, from several Turn-clubs.

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