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  • Chicagoer Arbeiter Zeitung -- July 16, 1880
    [To the Socialist Workmen's Union]

    To the members of the German Section of the Socialist Workmen's Union in Chicago! According to a decision of the local executive Committee, the general meeting of the head section, as we have already announced at various occasions in this paper, will be held on Sunday, July 17, at 8 P.M. at 54 West Lake St.

    Though the present organizer, Mr. P. T. Morgan has considered it beneath his dignity to communicate this fact officially to the German speaking Socialists of Chicago, the meeting notwithstanding will take place. Also all resolutions taken will have full validity whether the Germans take part or not. The organizer and his friends and the English section favorable to a compromise with the green backs, think it advantageous to their plans if the German Socialists known to be true to their principles remain absent from tomorrow's meeting.

    For this reason alone it is the duty of every German member to be at his place 2punctually to-morrow night to take a part in the important discussions of the general meeting of the main section.

    The memorandum shows: 1. Selection of officers (which is very necessary) 2. Reconsideration of the resolution which condemns the "Arbeiter Zeitung", the Vorbote and the Nye Tid and will exclude the members, Peter Peterson and Paul Grottkau from the union.

    By voting on the resolutions of the compromisers it will be shown if the Socialists will cooperate with the Greenbackers or not.

    Members: For years in Chicago no such important party meeting has taken place like that of to-morrow. Therefore all men be at your place at 8 o'clock P.M. precisely. To-morrow it will be demonstrated if within the Socialist party free speech and Socialist principles shall be repressed by the shifty American politicans.

    To-morrow it will be seen if the English section shall have the right to bring the German and the Scandinavian party press to the point where they 3brought, the previous English newspaper The Socialist (founded with German capital)

    It is the duty of every right thinking member to stand by his party paper which has always stood for the honor and the principle of the party and has protected all members, which in the interest of Socialism has taken up the fight with the compromisers.

    To do your duty to the party is only possible by coming to the meeting to-morrow and to protest against the action of the enemy of the party Press and against the joinging of the aforementioned party. Germans, show that you will not remain behind our Scandinavian and French brothers. Your honor and your interest are at stake.

    I E, I D 2 a 3, I F 1