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  • Chicagoer Arbeiter Zeitung -- October 15, 1883
    The Socialist Club

    At the South side the Socialist Club convened last Saturday evening at Kotter's Hall. Comrade M. Schwab gave a speech about: "Women and Socialism." The speaker emphasized especially the necessity of drawing more women, as it has been done so far, into the Socialist movement.

    The men should make their wives Socialists, so that it would not be necessary for the younger generation to free itself again after a hard struggle from their earliest youth of inbred prejudices. One always insists that woman's mind is inferior to the man's but all the arguments advanced for this assertion are void, because the apparently higher intelligence of the man develops only for the reason that the woman in consequence of her physical weakness is in a dependent situation and because today's entire education is designed to keep women ignorant.

    To the women is trusted the future of mankind, because they are the first teachers 2to children. A certain type of people surrounds the woman with a sentimental glory, talking about the poetry that surrounds feminine beings, and that these and other beautiful things would be destroyed, if women would participate in public life, or would be the equal of man in every way.

    The priests are holding their own, only because they know how to interest the women for their cause. The Socialists should be their imitators and begin Socialistic agitation at home... A real Socialist acknowledges the equality of men and women and should act accordingly.

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