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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- January 28, 1887
    Not One German Among Them

    During the last 8 months, we German-Americans had to hear repeatedly, that hardly without exception the sentenced Anarchists were all Germans. To be correct, only 5 of the sentenced men were born in Germany, 2 are natives of America and 1 is an English subject. But of what nationality were the feminine admirers of the sentenced anarchists, to whose trials they have run day after day? To what nationality did these women belong, who before and after the sentence was passed, visited the condemned men all too often, turning their heads with flattery? Among these women never a German was seen, unless it was a close relative of the accused men and then her behavior was always dignified. These women who found pleasure in visiting the jail and its occupants, are members of the so-called better class of English-Americans. Spies of course was the involuntary center of their interest. The fact that 6 of the condemned men are married was a little barrier, and they were left alone by the half crazy women folk.

    Lingg, the youthful dynamite bomb manufacturer is a single man and in addition 2a much handsomer man than Spies. He is also considered a much more interesting man, for he resisted his arrest most vigorously. But Lingg's expression is sulky, his manners reserved and he showed himself not at all in favor of feminine visitors. As a matter of fact, it is not at all necessary for a sentenced man to be handsome, in order to become a darling of "ladies" of that caliber. This shows the case of murderer Mulkowsky clearly. That he did not become engaged to marry one of the fair sex was probably due to the fact, that his lawyer was not a match-maker. Not one woman present at court preceedings or a visitor to the jail, was German, for the German women still believe in decency. In German families the daughter does not rule her parents; the father is not the "old man" or the mother the "old woman" relinguishing the rule of the house in favor of the daughter. They have and continue to be the bosses in their own home. This is of course, the result of sane rearing of German girls, who don't allow themselves to become sickly sentimental or oppose custom and decency.

    I E, I B 3 b, I C