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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- March 07, 1871
    [Political Matters]

    Editorial Blast of triumph greeting the election of Blaine, a high tariff man, to the speakership of the House. "It is a catastrophe for the new revenue Reform Party, and it must have been for the Chicago Tribune, "bitter as gale and wormwood."

    "But- in the sense in which now the Tribune wants revenue reform, to be understood, we can completely agree with her. Yes, we go even much farther. Of the life necessities the Tribune wants to exempt only coal and salt from import duties. We not only agree with that, but demand also, the reduction to abolition of the duties on coffee, tea, sugar, rice, spices, and other necessities, that are being produced in our country either not at all or not in sufficient quantity. This to us seems free trade in the right direction, and much more important than the reduction of duties on products of underpaid European factory labor, with which the higher paid American worker cannot compete. Every policy that raises the value of home labor is advancing culture; every policy that reduced it is hostile to civilization.

    Reduction of duties and taxes is a perfectly Justifiable demand, with which every Republican can fully sympathize. The colossal income surpluses of the Federal Government are an evil that must be fought resolutely."

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