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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- January 21, 1872
    Editorial: the American Gospel

    A Presbyterian Clergyman ("Pfaffe" - term of obloquy) ,Abbot E. Kittredge desecrated his pulpit last Sunday by taking the infamous lies and libels of dishonorable American newspaper reporters about the "upheaval" of the Germans as text and topic of his sermon... However, he is not the first American parson to do so, and he wont be the last as long as the first and most important gospel of the American is his "paper." In no other country of the world exists, aside of the sway which the church holds over the minds of people, so absolute a power over the spiritual life of the people... If the events of last week prove anything it is...the utter inability to judge for themselves on the side of the vast majority of the Anglo-Americans. A Horace White, a W. F. Storey, and a Charles Wilson propose to break the power of the Germans by preventing the rebuilding of the "Dutch settlement"; they invent ad hoc a German "uprising", as the instigator of which they present the editor of the Illinois Staats Zeitung... and intelligent "American nincompoops shake their heads full of ire and indignation and cry:"Outrageous! These things must not be tolerated! " So public opinion is made! Surely we don't need to express surprise about the mendacity of the French press and the gullibility of the French people-becauce the American press and the American people are just like them...

    I C, III A, III C