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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- March 31, 1871
    The Temperance Problem

    Once more we are receiving news from the seat of the legislation that there is danger that the House Bill No. 435, the creation of the temperance advocate will be accepted. Petitions for this bill come rushing in from all the country districts, and as no mass protests against it have been received so far the legislators must become convinced that really nobody in the State is opposed to the bill. If this erroneous opinion is not quickly destroyed a bill may really become State law which puts the innkeepers outside the protection of the law, tampers with the fundamental rights of the citizens, voids without any ado, rent contracts, and will sew an inexhaustible crop of lawsuits and litigation.

    If the temperance advocates are successful with this bill they will have driven a wedge into the Legislature that will permit them further advances. A stricter Sunday legislation and execution of the existing Sunday laws will be the next step. Already a Chicago daily has energetically demanded of the Mayor that he carry out the Sunday laws and close the inns one and all on Sundays.... The politicians will follow the side that makes the most noise. Therefore it is necessary to prove through protests that a great part of the public is now as ever opposed to such intrigues".

    I B 2, I F 3, I H