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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- May 18, 1892
    German Theological Seminary.

    Six young students of the German Theological Seminary went through their examinations recently. The German Theological Seminary is located at Ashland Avenue and Augusta Street, and is under the direction of Rev. J. D. Severinghaus. The directors of the seminary held two conferences yesterday, in which they consulted about a new constitution for their institution.

    The directors have made an appeal to the friends of the seminary for financial support. It is pointed out that this institution trained and educated fifty young men for the ministry since its foundation in 1885; and that it is entirely dependent upon voluntary contribution for its maintenance. The expenses of the institution are estimated as follows: salary and rent for the professors $1,750. board and lodging for ten students $800; heat and light $250; miscellaneous expenses $200. This is a total of $3,000, for the training of twenty-one students. The synod to which this church belongs has appropriated $5,000, for the payment of debts of the seminary.

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