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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- June 19, 1875
    German-American Catholics (Editorial)

    The Catholic Wahrheitsfreund, (Friend of the Truth), of Cincinnati, once expressed its objection to the agitation carried on by Catholic fanatics; at least that paper definitely condemned the requests of those apostles who demanded certain divisions of the school fund. And the paper reiterates its opinion now, although lately Archbishop Purcell of Cincinnati, in his organ, the Catholic Telegraph, has been renewing the demands for school funds with determined insistence, invoking the authority of the Syllabus. [Translator's note: Syllabus; A document issued by Pope Pius IX, December 8, 1864, condemning eighty current doctrines of the age as heresies.]

    [Translator's note: The omitted paragraphs consist of an excerpt taken from the Wahrheitsfreund, and comments thereon.] 2Nevertheless the conduct of the Wahrheitsfreund; its opposition to Catholic agitators and disturbers, deserves recognition. The paper undoubtedly acts in conformance with the attitude of the tremendous majority of German Catholics in the United States, at least, surely, in accordance with that of practically all German Catholics in Chicago, and everyone who is at all familiar with conditions here will concede that the Chicago German Catholics are, completely tolerant and loyal to the country of their adoption.

    Any attempt to undermine the interdenominational peace among local Germans would prove farcical. And the new generation of German Catholic is fully steeped in the true, American form of tolerance; the absolute equality of all religious denominations.

    I A 1 c, I A 2 a, I C, III C