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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- June 22, 1866
    German Citizens Meet to Discuss Instruction in German in Public Schools Official Report of Secretary

    On Wednesday evening, June 20, a meeting was held at Mr. Klein's saloon, corner of Madison and Jefferson Streets, by Germans who live in the Scammon School district. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss the introduction of German-language instruction into the public schools of the city. The meeting was very well attended, and there was evidence of great interest in this matter which is of vast interest not only to Germans, but also to Americans.

    Carl Wippo was elected chairman, and Friedrich Kurz was chosen secretary. After Mr. Wippo had opened the meeting, Mr. L. Brentano took the floor. He explained the purpose of the meeting, and pointed out--for the benefit of the Board of Education--that the legal representatives (parents or guardians) of 150 children living in the Scammon School district had demanded that the German-language be placed on the curriculum of the Scammon School. A very spirited 2discussion ensued, in which Colonel Rollshausen, Captain Schoninger, Mr. Kurz, and Friedrich Klein took a prominent part. Thereupon the following resolutions were adopted:

    "A circular explaining the purpose of the meeting shall be sent to the parents and guardians of the German children living in the district, requesting that they inform the superintendent of the Scammon School concerning the number of children each of them sends to that institution, and that they indicate their willingness to comply with the request by signing the circular.

    "The Committee of Seven which was elected at the meeting shall have the duty of compiling a list of the names of all parents and guardians of the district, German as well as American. The members of the Committee are: Friedrich Kurz, C. K. Wippo, W. Droege, Joseph Buechle, Franz Gross, F.H. Rollshausen, and F. Klein.

    "That the unselfish and faithful endeavors of L. Brentano and H. Felsenthal, 3two members of the Chicago Board of Education, who gave unstintingly of their time and talent to attain our object, are gratefully acknowledged."

    The Committee agreed upon the following division of work: Joseph Buechle will solicit signatures from parents living in the area between Lake and Fulton Streets; Mr. Droege will canvass the homes located between Lake and Randolph Streets; Mr. Kurz, between Randolph and Washington Streets; Mr. Wippo, between Washington and Madison Streets; Mr. Rollshausen, between Madison and Monroe Streets; Mr. Gross, between Monroe and Adams Streets; and Mr. Klein, south of Adams Street.

    After the Committee had agreed on the above arrangements the chairman adjourned the meeting until next Wednesday, June 27, when all citizens of the aforementioned district are invited to hear the Committee report, and then to take further steps to accomplish our aim.

    Carl Wippo,

    Johann Kurz.

    I A 1 b, IV