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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- January 05, 1893
    German Instruction.

    Regardless of the recently renewed attacks of the "nativistic" press, the popular demand for German instruction mounts steadily and, commencing from next Monday, it will be taught in all the public schools of the city, with the exception of a few small branch schools. A few years ago, German was taught in 146 schools, by 220 teachers while 40 schools in the annexed districts did not list it in their curriculum. Through the efforts of the German school board member, E. G. Halle, new rules were adopted which made it possible for children to include this subject in their studies, if they desired it, since these schools are now under the jurisdiction of the new regulations. Already in September, 30 additonal schools taught German and next Monday another 13 will offer this course. This means, that in all of the city's 189 schools, the German language will now be taught by 265 teachers, and that 40,000 scholars will avail themselves of this opportunity. The year of the World's Fair also marks the realization of aspirations for the friends of the German tongue. Since German is now a regular subject in all schools, no particular difficulty will be experienced in providing it, whenever new schools are being built. The German Committee of the school board, and Dr. G. A. Zimmermann, supervisor of German instruction, deserve congratulations for their success. May they also be able 2to assure its continuance and to defend it against the attacks of its adversaries in the future.

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