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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- December 24, 1873
    Police Superintendent Jacob Rehm

    Jacob Rehm took possession of his new office as Chicago's new Chief of police, yesterday afternoon.

    Jacob Rehm is forty-five years of age and was born in Gerstheim, near Strassbourg, Alsace-Lorraine in 1828. In 1840, [gap] a boy of twelve years, he came to Chicago with his parents. For years [gap] his living [gap] a truck driver. In 1855 he was appointed street commissioner for one year. In the same year he became Police Captain of the North side and in 1858 city [gap]hall. He kept this position for two years and then he became detective under superintendent [gap]ley. In 1860 he resigned from the police and become connected with the [gap]iversey brewery. In 1861 [gap] was appointed superintendent, a position he resigned after fifteen months to become again connected with the [gap]iversay brewery. In [gap] he was elected count treasurer. In 18[gap] he built on the [gap]est Side, the [gap] and [gap] brewery. In 1866 he become once more police superintendent and remained until the fall of [gap]. Then he resigned again. In 1871 he was chosen for police commissioner on the "Fire proof" [gap]icket but resigned in [gap]. Yesterday he became once more superintendent.


    From this [gap] it appeared [gap] did not seek the office, but that the office was seeking him. He is [gap] but friendly. [gap]e speaks German, English, and French. All the citizens respect him highly. Under his guidance the police force will without about improve.

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