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  • Abendpost -- May 05, 1932
    Mrs. Louise Keitel Died at a Fine Old Age

    The number of the old settlers of Chicago who, so to speak, have known the city already in the days of their childhood, decreases steadily because, among them, death takes its main harvest.

    Mrs. Louise Keitel who, together with her husband, also now passed into eternity, emigrated from Germany and came to America in 1870.

    Mrs. Keitel was born in Berlin, Germany, in 1840. Her husband, who is former decades, was well known and hightly esteemed as a building contractor, had come to Chicago in 1869, and established a new existence for himself. The happy marriage was blessed with four children, of whom three are still living.

    Mrs. Keitel was a most active member of the Evangelic Luteran St. Paul's Church and the creator of a fund with which later the St. Paul's House was build and maintained.

    The three daughters, Mrs. William Feldmann, Mrs. Ewald Weber, and Mrs. H. G. 2Zander, wife of the well known real estate man, mourn the passing of their aged mother. The funeral will be held tomorrow afternoon at Graceland Cemetery,

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