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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- May 07, 1861
    The Germans (Editorial)

    In the border states, even in Texas and the extreme Southern states, all the Germans are true Americans; all are loyal to our Government.

    In Baltimore, Maryland, the Germans, one and all, are for the Union. The Germans in this city were the ones who hauled down the flag of the Secession, and everywhere in those parts of the city which are inhabited chiefly by Germans, the flag of the Union is proudly and boldly displayed.

    In St. Louis, the German element holds the Secessionists in complete check and the authorities of that city did not hesitate to furnish these Teutons with arms taken from the arsenal of the United States. Three thousand of these Germans enlisted under The Star-Spangled Banner, ready to defend the Union, the Constitution, liberty and justice against any enemy. Had it not been for these Germans, the State of Missouri would have proclaimed secession long ago.


    Many of the volunteers who hail from our city are German. A number of companies are "all-German," and they were the first to be ready for combat. There are quite a few Germans in other companies also.

    The German hates the flag of the rebels, and this hate knows no bounds, he will never fight under the flag of secessonists; on the contrary, he will take up arms against it, even when confronted by superior forces.

    The hatred of the German race toward everything that savors of slavery is deadly. No doubt it emanates from the fact that the Germans are primarily a working people, who are very practical in everything they undertake, and that they have implicit trust in the possibility that some day humanity may be entirely freed from despotism, whether it be political, religious, or economic.

    Thank God that we have this element among us during these perilous times, when the black cohorts of slavery have arisen to fight against the advocates of those human rights, in defense of which all Christendom is ready to take up arms at this very moment.

    III D, I G