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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- June 24, 1863
    Meeting of German Catholics

    A meeting of German Catholics of Chicago was held last evening at the German House. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss ways and means of purchasing a plot for a cemetery to be used by the members of the city's four Catholic congregations. The meeting was very well attended. Mr. John Herting served as chairman and Mr. John Stiesen as secretary.

    Mr. Caspar Pfeiffer, a member of a committee which had been appointed to confer on the matter with the Catholic Bishop of Chicago, reported that the Prelate had not given his consent to the purchase of the proposed property and would not officiate at the dedication in case the deal for the plot of ground were consummated. However, Mr. Pfeiffer thought that the Bishop could be persuaded to change his mind, and urged the assembly to proceed with negotiations for the acquisition of the property.

    Chairman Herting announced that the members of Saint Michael's Parish had 2already bought 191 lots for $600. Saint Joseph's Church also informed the assembly that members of that congregation had paid $189 dollars as a down payment on a number of lots.

    The committee of Saint Peter's Parish announced the Church could not join in the purchase as yet, because the members expect to build a new church soon,and they fear that the Bishop would not approve of this project if they acted contrary to his wish with reference to the cemetery. The congregation of Saint Franciscus also said that it could not take an active part in the purchase as yet.

    The chairman informed the attendants that $1100 has already been received as part payment for the lots in question, and that he was certain the sale was as good as made, since the full amount required is only $2,500.

    Mr. John Heyl proposed that a committee of eight be appointed to draw up a constitution, and that two members of each of the four congregations be appointed 3to serve on the committee. This proposal was accepted, and the following men were appointed: Saint Michael Church, Andreas Mueller and Niels Gaerten; Saint Peter's Church, Caspar Pfeiffer and Leonhard T. Otten; Saint Franciscus Church, Johann Sendelbach and P. Zirbes; Saint Joseph's Church, Johann Vogt and Peter Molter.

    This committee is required to submit a draft in the next meeting.

    The chairman gave notice that trustees must be elected to take care of the purchase and to make application for incorporation. It was proposed that the treasurers of the respective congregations act in the capacity of trustees. This proposal was accepted. The trustees are: Fred Schweissthal, P. Herring, B. Banker, and J. Sendelbach.

    Mr. John Schmitz proposed that anyone who wishes to claim a lot would have to pay $5 by July 1, or a sum equivalent to the difference between $5 and any amount already paid. This proposal was accepted. (A great number of members paid $5 immediately.)


    All members who wish to have a lot, but have not yet subscribed, were requested to act immediately.

    The committee which was intrusted with the collection of payments request the members who are in arrears with their payments to bring the money to the home of their respective collector.

    It was decided to hold another meeting at the same place and hour next Monday.

    Adjournment followed.

    III C, IV