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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- September 27, 1870
    Methodist Episcopal Committee's Report on Franco-Prussian War.

    Whereas, Our beloved former fatherland has been signally victorious in a war which was forced upon her, and

    Whereas, We take great interest in our former fatherland, despite the fact that we are American citizens, and

    Whereas, This is a conflict of justice against injustice, and a conflict of national self-development against despotic tutelage, be it therefore

    Resolved, That we heartily deplore the horrible carnage, and herewith express our sincere sympathy for the plight of the wounded soldiers, the widows, and the orphans of the fallen warriors. Be it further

    Resolved, That we hail with great joy the rise of Germany from internal 2dissension to unity, from national degradation to national independence, and that we see in this gigantic struggle God's hand which makes the rage of men subservient to His purposes and is bent upon leading Germany to political and religious freedom. Be it further

    Resolved, That, although we desire that this War end soon, we are firmly convinced that it should not be terminated until certain guaranties of a permanent peace have been given. Be it further

    Resolved, That we endeavor to collect money in our congregations and send it to our missionaries in Germany for distribution among the wounded soldiers and the widows and orphans. Be it further

    Resolved, That these resolutions be published in the English and German newspapers of this city.

    The above resolutions were unanimously adopted at a conference which the 3Methodist Episcopal Church held yesterday morning.

    E. Wundfrlich,

    J. W. Roecker,

    R. Fiegenbaum,

    A. Miller,

    H. Boettcher.

    III C, I G