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  • Chicago Tribune -- January 04, 1891

    The opposition is represented by the Rev. John Beucher, who is the Esher appointee so the pulpit, but who can not get possession, ex-Trustee Ritter, George Schneider, Caspar, Lietz and John Oesch.

    They allege all manner of bad things against Fusch, in addition to saying that he is not the legally appointed minister, but simply the representative of the "Kickers" who refuse to recognize Esher.

    It is alleged that Fuschs and his adherents have secretly connived to get the church into debt and have refused to allow the complainants to help support it. All this is done, it is said, in order that the church may begotten into debt and thereby severed from the Evangelical Alliance. In addition to the charge of conspiring against Trustee Ritter, it is claimed the Reverend John Beuscher alone has the right to occupy the pulpit and in order to ask for Fusch disposition.

    Judge Horton issued the injunction that will preserve Ritter's rights, but declined at present to go so far as to depose the Rev. Mr. Fusch.

    III C