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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- August 09, 1870
    Delegates of German Societies of Chicago Hold Meeting

    The second meeting of delegates of German societies met last evening in Germania Hall which is located in Uhlich's Block.

    Mr. Claussenius presided and Mr. C. Wenborne acted as secretary. Unfortunately the attendance at this second meeting was also very sparse. Besides the societies which sent delegates to the first meeting, the Orpheus Chorus and the Order of Red Men were represented in this meeting, the former by Mr. Wilhelm Richter, and the latter by Mr. C. Bierbrauer.

    After the chairman had made a few brief remarks regarding his appeal and the meeting that was held in Farwell Hall, Mr. Degenhardt (sic) pointed out that the purpose of the meeting was perhaps misunderstood by some, that it had been left to the individual organizations to elect committees for the purpose 2of receiving donations, and that, in some instances, ignorance prevailed concerning the intended disposition of the money that is being collected.

    He said there were rumors as a result of which some people were under the impression that contributions would be used to purchase warships or to organize and equip a regiment of volunteers, and that such unfounded reports were greatly impairing the work of the various societies. He emphasized the fact that contributions would be used for benevolent purposes. He then proposed that the members present name the men whom their organizations had appointed to serve as delegates. The proposal was adopted unanimously. The following is a list of societies and their representatives: Chicago Turngemeinde: Peter Hand, Arthur Erbe, J. Kaufmann;

    Germania Turnverein: Charles Werkmeister, Wilhelm Potratz, Joseph Miehle;


    Schleswig-Holsteinischer Verein: Mr. A. Braun, Mr. F. Hinrichs, Mr. P. Sacher, Mr. A. Westphal; Germania Maennerchor: Mr. H. Seiler, Mr. T. Thieme, Mr. P. Heine, Mr. A. Pemiger; Aurora Turnverein: Mr. A. Fuerstenberg, Mr. Charles Peters, Hamburger Club: Mr. S. Sommer, Mr. S. Gumprecht, Mr. A. Frank; Concordia Maennerchor: Mr. E. Schloesser, Mr. P. Schumann, Mr. S. Groscurth; German employees of the Union Hide and Leather Company: Christian Bartmann.

    An American who was present asked permission to speak; it was granted amid great applause. He stated that he could not speak in German and would have to address the assembly in his mother tongue. He declared that he felt called upon to express his sympathy and that of many other Americans; that they had not forgotten that many Germans fought for the cause of the Union in the Civil War, and had rendered very valuable services on the battlefield. He expressed his hope that the German flag would soon be waving from the towers of Paris! He was cheered enthusiastically.


    On recommendation of Mr. Dietzsch and Mr. Lotz it was decided to again issue an invitation to all German societies and lodges, and thus to leave nothing undone in an attempt to acquire the participations of all Germans, especially the laggards.

    The chairman was authorized to call a special meeting if necessary. A regular meeting will be held next Monday.

    III B 4, II D 10, III B 2, III D