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  • Chicagoer Arbeiter Zeitung -- July 09, 1884
    The Founding of a Platt-German National Society

    Mr. Edward Cook, the publisher of the Platt-German Newspaper, was intrumental in bringing to Chicago the convention of all the Platt-Germans of America, with the purpose of founding a National Society. Eleven societies were represented by their delegates numbering altogether 37. The convention was in session yesterday for the second successive day, when the name for the newly founded society was chosen, which will be known henceforth as "The Central Society of the Platt Germans of the United States of North America."

    The purpose of this society is: 1. "To unite all the Platt German Societies of the United States into one big brotherhood; 2. To defend personal freedom at all times, seeing to it that the German element is fully recognized and, to further and cultivate the Platt German Language; 3. In adverse times to help and assist one another and finally the founding of a general life insurance.

    Every Platt German Society, regardless of a burial club can join the Central 2Society with a poll tax of 10 cents annually. The family of a deceased member will receive $500.

    III B 4, V A 2