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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- January 19, 1861
    Resolutions of Chicago Turngemeinde

    In the meeting which the Chicago Turngemeinde held on Thursday evening, the speaker proposed the following resolutions, which were accepted by the members:

    Whereas, Rebellion and treachery against the Union and against all law and order have boldly arisen, and

    Whereas, It is the duty of every true and loyal citizen to arm himself and defend the Union against internal or external enemies, and

    Whereas, A German company of soldiers in Charleston voluntarily offered to fight against the Union and for slavery, and thereby caused us to hang our heads in shame; therefore be it

    Resolved, That we, American citizens of German descent, shall remove this stain from our honorable name as well as we can, and that we therefore intend to form 2a free, independent rifle company, and are willing, if it should become necessary, to defend the Union with our lives and our property, and to fight against the expansion of slavery;

    That a committee consisting of three members be elected to find out where and how our society may obtain weapons free of charge, since we are financially unable to purchase them;

    That our secretary be hereby ordered to invite all the Turnvereine in the state to take similar action, and to at least arm themselves and be ready to join other military organizations in case their membership is too small to form an independent company;

    That these resolutions be published in the Illinois Staats-Zeitung, The Tribune, Democrat, and The Post.

    David Huth, First Speaker,

    Charles Lotz, Secretary.

    III B 2, I G, I J, III D