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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- May 07, 1861
    Meeting of the German Ladies' Society

    The German Ladies' Society, which was organized for the purpose of furnishing lint, bandages and other materials for dressing wounds, and, above all, the money necessary to buy them, held a meeting [yesterday] at the German House. The attendance was not proportionate to the seriousness which German ladies and girls should show during times of great danger. The three members of the Committee, Mrs. Butz, Mrs. Schneider, and Mrs. Sparschuh waited patiently until 5 o'clock while a few individuals brought donations of lint, bandages, and money. The following contributions have been received to date:

    Collected by Mrs. Butz $37.10
    " " Mrs. Sparschuh 17.42
    " " Mrs. Schlund 10.14
    " " Mrs. Bahe 8.15
    " " Mrs. Bohrmann 4.62
    " " Mrs. Schneider 18.00
    " " Mrs. Gindele 4.00
    Total $99.43

    The time of the next meeting will be published. In the meantime, ladies may leave their packages with Mrs. Butz, 127 North La Salle Street, or with Mrs. Schneider, 110 North Clark Street. German owners of dry goods stores are urgently requested to contribute some pieces of shirting, which is badly needed. The material may be left in the store of C. Vorpahl, 35 La Salle Street, where receipts for donations will be issued.....

    III B 2, I G, II D 10