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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- May 19, 1863
    Anti-Halleck Resolutions by Germans of West Side

    Last night, at a meeting of German citizens of Chicago's West Side, held at the hall of the Socialer Arbeiterverein of the former Tenth Ward, the following resolutions were adopted:

    Whereas, The present war against the Southern Rebels is being unnecessarily prolonged, chiefly because the Union leaders, especially General Halleck, are admittedly inefficient; but also as a favor to contractors and generals who are benefiting through profits and salaries, and many of our brave fighters are thus being sacrificed without reason; and

    Whereas, The Government is receiving requests from all parts of the country asking the dismissal of General Halleck and his replacement with a capable officer; and


    Whereas, There are too many officers in the Union Army who deserve to be called traitors; and

    Whereas, We are convinced that the present war will not result in victory for the Union until all traitors and friends of traitors, as well as all officers who cannot or will not do their various duties, have been expelled from the Army, and men like Fremont, Sigel, Butler, Wallace, Willich, and others are put in command; and

    Whereas, It is the duty of the President of the United States to do the will of the people and to ignore the requests of unscrupulous politicians; be it therefore

    Resolved, That the President be requested to relieve inefficient General Halleck of his command, and to court-martial him because of inability and neglect of duty, especially on account of the Corinth affair. Be it further


    Resolved, That the President be asked to grant Generals Fremont, Sigel, Willich, and Butler, who have proved that they are capable and conscientious leaders, independent positions; to relieve all other inefficient and traitorous officers of their commissions; to punish them in accordance with martial law; to prosecute the war with greater vigor; and not to wait until the people tire of the selfish acts of politicians and take the administration of military affairs and the government of the country into their own hands. Be it further

    Resolved, That these resolutions be published in the local German and English newspapers (with the exception of the Chicago Union and the Times) and that a copy of these resolutions be sent to President Abraham Lincoln, and to Generals Fremont, Sigel, Willich, Butler, and Halleck.

    Wilhelm H. Haase, Secretary.

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