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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- June 07, 1867
    The Chicago Arbeiterverein and the Illinois Staats-Zeitung (Editorial)

    The Chicago Arbeiterverein which was controlled for some time by several political intriguers who proved their claim to the title "worker" by nor working, and which was used to carry on a purposeless war against the Illinois Staats-Zeitung, seems to have freed itself from the pernicious influences of those scoundrels. One of them, who gave his occupation as that of a "luncher," and whose financial records are being investigated by a United States Assessor, has been expelled by the organization, and several others are avoiding a similar fate by keeping discreetly in the background. The real workers represented in the Arbeiterverein have declared their independence of those political schemers who used the society to their own advantage and thwarted all endeavors in behalf of the real workers. The latter group sent us the following letter:


    Chicago, Illinois, June 4, 1867.

    To the Honorable Editor of the Illinois Staats-Zeitung,

    Dear Mr. Brentano: In the absence of our corresponding secretary I take great pleasure in informing you that the Chicago Arbeiterverein in its last meeting adopted the following resolution proposed by Mr. Sievers:

    1. That the resolution to withdraw our advertisements from the Illinois Staats-Zeitung and to remove the copies of that publication from our reading room is hereby revoked.

    2. That it is hereby resolved that the Chicago Arbeiterverein renew its subscription for the Illinois Staats-Zeitung and publish the news of the society in that newspaper.

    In conclusion I express my fervent wish that our future relations will be 3strengthened by mutual consideration.

    Very respectfully,

    C. Schaedel, Secretary protem.

    It is evident that all obstacles to future publication of the activities of the Chicago Arbeiterverein have been removed by the revocation of the above-mentioned resolution, for which there was not the least cause; and we are in hearty accord with the desire expressed by the secretary of the organization in the closing sentence of his letter.

    III B 2, II B 2 d 1