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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- September 19, 1867
    Ladies' Auxiliary of Aid Society for German Immigrants to Give a Popular Fair

    After Mrs. Johann Metzke had opened the meeting, Mrs. Rosa Nemett was elected secretary of the arrangements committee, to take the place of Mrs. Rosalie Nelke who could not be present. The Eisendrath Company was appointed to the committee, to represent the grocers, since Mr. H. Schoellkopf could not serve.

    It was decided that the young ladies who wish to take part in the dances and tableau will meet Wednesday, September 25, at eight P. M., in Uhlich's Hall, to rehearse under the supervision of Mr. Marwedel. Receipt of the following donations was acknowledged:

    Matthiessen and Hegler $25.00
    Chicago Helvetiaverein 20.00
    Miss Mary Fliegler 4.75
    Miss Buetter $10.00
    Miss L. Rullmann 5.15
    Miss Schloetzer 10.00

    The secretary announced that both the Germania Maennerchor and the Concordia Maennerchor have declared themselves willing to give concerts on several evenings during the fair.

    It was decided to have the next meeting on Friday, September 27, at 3 P. M. at Uhlich's Hall.

    Jno. Metzke, President

    Rosalie Nelke, Secretary.

    III B 2, II B 1 c 3