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  • Abendpost -- September 26, 1910
    The German House.

    The number of Germans on the Northwest side of the city is estimated at 100,000. The majority of them have settled there during the last 10-15 years. Already there are over one hundred clubs and societies and a number of halls where they meet; but there is completely lacking a centrally located larger hall for amusements and entertainments.

    To build a large "German House" is being under consideration. This is to serve as a home for as many as possible, if not for all, of the German clubs and societies on the Northwest side.

    The Northwest Athletic Club, whose hall had been previously destroyed by fire, invited all German societies and lodges to discuss this matter, and not less than 24 of them took part...

    According to their plan a joint-stock company is to be established, which will consist of the clubs and individual members. The total cost of the building is estimated at $100,000.00. The building is to be furnished in modern style. It will 2contain one large dance and assembly hall, and a number of smaller halls for lodges and societies, clubrooms, billiard rooms, bowling alleys, gymnasium, bathing halls, etc. A large garden joining the building to be used for festivals and recreation is being considered also....

    The greater the beauty and practicality of the clubhouse, and garden, the greater will be the attraction and the attendance. No doubt, such an enterprise will receive the best cooperation of the German population on the Northwest side.

    III B 2, II D 6, II F, III A