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  • Abendpost -- January 07, 1927
    The German War Veterans.

    Shortly after the conclusion of the Franco-German war of 1870-71, many of the combatants emigrated to the United States; about 500 of these came to Chicago. Only about 45 of them are still alive. Most of them were successful and lived comfortably. But others, because of sickness, fate, and old age, became completely destitute and incapacitated for work. Therefore a benevolent fund was established, which is managed by an executive committee, consisting of seven prominent citizens, six members of the German war veterans union of Chicago, and five members of the old veterans union. Ever since, a big and dignified festival is given annually, the profits of which are turned over to the management of the benevolent fund. The first of these festivals was held 15 years ago and the amount of $10,000 was raised and distributed among the suffering. At that time 258 veterans were living, now only 15 are left and the youngest of them is 78 years old. Of the patrons, who were always willing to help a good cause, several have died during the last year. Therefore, the German people of Chicago are requested to appear on January 20th in great numbers at the Germania Club. The admission fee will be one dollar. There will be no dancing, no collection will be taken up, but there will be excellent singing and instrumental performances, a festival speech, prologues, and so forth.

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