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  • Illinois Staats-Zeitung -- September 18, 1862
    A Request to Mr. Caspar Butz

    "Mr. Caspar Butz.

    "Honorable Sir: We agree with the Illinois Staats-Zeitung, and with all others who advocate a more vigorous prosecution of the war by invoking the principles of emancipation and confiscation, that one of the fourteen men whom the citizens of the State of Illinois are to elect to the National Congress should be a German.

    "Since we are convinced that you are well qualified to fill so important a position, we beg your permission to place your name in nomination as candidate for Congressman at large in the coming state convention of the Republican party, and to put forth our best efforts in behalf of said candidacy.

    "We need not remind you how important it is for the Germans of this State, 2and for the Germans of the whole country in general, that an able, honest German be a member of the Congress of the United States during this great national crisis. He would not only express the liberal principles of freedom which Germans advocate and which are the only means of saving and restoring the Union, but, at the same time, he would also defend the interests of the Germans in America against the nativists, whose attacks upon us and especially upon our great leaders and heros, including, for instance, Sigel and Hecker, are growing bolder and more violent from day to day.

    "The task which we wish to entrust to you is a very difficult one, but it is also a glorious task; and we know that you are equal to it, for we have evidence of your good character, your knowledge and skill and your experience in the American way of living.

    "Hoping that you will not refuse to comply with our request, we remain


    "Very respectfully yours,

    "A. C. Hesing,

    "John H. Muehlke,

    "Heinrich Greenbaum,

    [and fifty-eight others]."

    III B 1, I G, IV