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  • Saloniki-Greek Press -- November 08, 1924
    Napoleon Was the Nephew of a Greek Pirate

    p. 1- This will be good news for our countrymen in Chicago and elsewhere, and we understand that they are numerous, who claim distant relationship with Napoleon the Great by their descent from the Greek family of Kalomeres, which is also the family of the celebrated French general.

    And Italy, which claims that Napoleon was an Italian is greatly chagrined by the publication of the memoirs of Madam Aspasia Kalomeres. This lady sheds light on the nativity of Napoleon.

    According to her reminiscences it is an historical fact that Napoleon was a nephew of the Greek pirate Agesilaos Kalomeres, the grandfather of Madam Kalomeres. She writes that her grandfather was active as a pirate from the Straits of Messina to the capes of the Peloponnesus, and that she heard him say more than once that when she grew old enough, they would settle in Corsica, where he had property in the hands of his nephew Charles Bonaparte.


    "This Charles Bonaparte," says Madam Kalomeres, "studied law in Pisa and in Rome at my grandfather's expense. On the day when Napoleon was born his mother went to church in accordance with the Greek custom to offer her baby to the Virgin Mary. While she was there, she felt the pangs of childbirth beginning, and she hurried home. There after a few minutes Napoleon was born on a carpet which was a present from my grandfather on the day of her marriage to his brother. This carpet was made by a Greek monk."

    It is an historical fact that in 1866 many Greek families, in order to escape the Turkish yoke, settled in Tuscany and Corsica, where they formed large communities.

    Bonaparte is the translation into Italian of the Greek name Kalomeres. That the French general Napoleon knew the Greek colony in Corsica very well and had connections there is proved by the fact that he appointed two of his friends from Corsica, the brothers Stefanopoli, as his agents to distribute and spread his propaganda in Greece.

    These facts show that another of the world's great personages is of Grecian extraction. A cheer for his relatives here!

    III H, V A 1