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  • Die Fackel -- April 06, 1884

    The popular singing society "Fidelia" will give a concert tonight in the North Side Turnhalle which, no doubt will prove the most interesting of any heard this winter. The famous Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra has been won for this occasion.

    The following program will give the reader a view of the enjoyment to be expected:

    "Rakoczy March" Czinka
    "Husar Ciny" (The Jolly Hussar) Vidi Karoly

    Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra

    "In the Forest," Men's Choir and Tenor Solo F. Mobring
    "Csak Egyszepleany van a Vilagon" (The Most Beautiful Girl in the World) Kokas Janos

    Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra

    "The Own Heart," Solo and Quartet J. Schafer, Messrs. I. Klaussen, Chr. Carr, T. Carr, L. Nettelhorst
    Violin Solo, Hungarian Selections Franz Garay
    "Heaven in the Valley," Song for Tenor Marschner

    Mr. Alexander Bischoff

    "Wine Drinking," A Jolly Duet for Baritone L'arrange Messrs. T. Carr and L. Nettelhorst
    "Csip Meg Mogyar," (Prick Him, Fly) Samu

    Two Popular Songs:

    a) Everything Is Beautiful
    b) I Have to Leave Tomorrow


    Cymbal Solo
    "Czardas Hungarian" Vidi Karoly

    Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra

    We hope that the Board of Directors will be rewarded for its efforts to offer such a program by a large participation by the public.

    II A 3 b, II B 1 a