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  • Magyar Tribune -- March 08, 1917
    Hungarian American Women.

    We Hungarian Americans owe certain duties to the United States government regardless of whether we be men or women. Men or women, the United States takes care of us, whether in time of peace or war. The United States does not regard the men or women as enemies of this country. From this point of view we think it necessary that the Hungarian American women take part in patriotic movements in this country.

    One way that the Hungarian American women can show their colors is by joining the Loyalty League. By joining the league you can show your appreciation and good patriotism for the protection and equality granted you during this war.

    The Hungarian American women must think of the fact that their husbands have been given the opportunities to earn their own daily bread and amply provide for their families.

    The Hungarian American women must think of the fact that the Loyalty 2League is here to protect your husband and his family.

    The Hungarian American women must bear in mind the fact that this country is such a wonderful place to live in and the opportunities that it offers.

    After thinking all these things over it is very apparent that it is the duty of the Hungarian American woman to join, and become a faithful member of the Loyalty League.

    It is only natural that women would think about their homeland and wonder what is happening there, and in their own little communities from which they came to this country. By joining the league the Hungarian women can show the government and make them realize that the Hungarian population of America is doing its duty very patriotically. Perhaps by realizing this the government will open the channels for mail between this country and Hungary.

    Every Hungarian American woman should step into the Hungarian American Loyalty 3League. She owes this to herself and to her family and thereby lives up to the standards of good partiotism towards the United States government.

    I K, I G