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  • DennĂ­ Hlasatel -- January 04, 1906
    Bohemian National Cemetery.

    p. 1--The regular monthly meeting of the Bohemian National Cemetery Association was held yesterday evening in the Bohemian-American School's hall on Eighteenth street.

    The meeting was called to order by the chairman, Mr. John Pech, about 8 p. m., and after the secretary, Mr. St. Halik had read the faultlessly written minutes of the previous meeting, the treasurer, Mr. Husak, read out the bills payable, which were then placed before the meeting for consideration.

    Since the bills were for work done on the cemetery or for materials delivered there, they were accepted as read and ordered paid. There were really many bills this time, and the treasurer, Mr. Joseph Jurka, looked somewhat sour when he was paying them.

    The secretary then read the communications received.


    All these letters reported names of new delegates elected by several lodges and associations which send representatives to the Association.

    The committee on distribution of New Year's gifts to the Bohemian liberal schools announced that the Association had made the following donations; to the Saturday and Sunday School Association, $85; to the C. S. P. S. (Czechoslovak Benevolent Society) School on Eighteenth street, $105; to the Ladimir Klacel School at Nineteenth and Leavitt streets, $85; to the Vojta Naprstek School on Kedzie avenue, $105; to the Komensky School, $55; to the Palacky School, $85; to the Jonas School, $55; to the Grand Crossing School, $55; to the Children's Nursery, $80; to the Bunker Street School Association, $105; to the Irving Park School, $50; and to the Bohemian Working-Men's Singing Society School, $50.

    Thereafter various motions were made for the good of the Cemetery. And here it seems to us that the delegates committed a sad mistake, which they will regret some day. We refer to the resolution in regard to Section P, which lies around the Soldiers' Monument.


    It was resolved to adorn this section as a beauty-spot of the National Cemetery and also as a gathering place for all celebrations held in the Cemetery, especially for the Decoration Day ceremonies. For that reason no more burial-lots will be sold in this section. This is entirely in order, and we believe that it will be beneficial to the Cemetery. However, we condemn the consequent resolution, to disinter and rebury the bodies which were there interred some time ago. This resolution was adopted in spite of many warnings and objections.

    The National Cemetery is not a private undertaking; it is, so to speak, the property of the liberal-minded Bohemians of Chicago, and everyone has its success at heart. The majority of those interested would probably say what Mr. Kostner said yesterday. "Why rebury these bodies in another place? The section will be made over into the most beautiful spot in the Cemetery, and surely the remains will rest there just as well as anywhere else."


    We are firmly convinced that the resolution should be reconsidered, and that another vote taken in the matter.

    Nothing else of importance was discussed. From the bookkeeper's report we learn that in the month of December disbursements were $7,208.05, and receipts were $5,240.34. The money on hand at the end of November was $4919.08, and this leaves the present balance $2,951.37.

    In December nine lots were sold for $1,015; seventy-five bodies were buried, and $979.89 was placed in the reserve fund.

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