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This article was published in 1906.
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  • DennĂ­ Hlasatel -- January 04, 1906
    Bohemian Life in America.

    p. 4--Lately our Bohemian-American life has been subjected to severe criticism, several newspapers taking part in the debates. A thing of this kind does no harm. However, we did not hear one entirely sound opinion voiced during these debates.

    On the one side it was all idealism, on the other plain materialism. Much can be written about the life of American-Bohemians, very much; but the question of their life will never be solved. In spite of the fact that idealists tell us, that we should remain Czech patriots, our fate is sealed--we shall disappear in the sea of another nation.

    Whatever the ideals may be of those people who reproach us, we did not come to America with the thought of founding a new Bohemian, but to assure ourselves a decent living.

    It will be our pride, if we can continue to regard ourselves as Czechs for as long a period as possible.


    We do not fear, however, that any changes, either political or of our language, will be forced upon us. This is impossible.

    The idealists forget this fact, and this causes them to misunderstand our attitude and to subject us to unduly severe criticism.

    III A