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This article was published in 1906.
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  • DennĂ­ Hlasatel -- January 07, 1906
    Czech Painter Elected President Palette and Chisel Club.

    p. 1, col. 6.. Yesterday we mentioned the election of our countryman, Mr. Petrtyl, as president of the society of artists and sculptors. To that we add a supplement. The election was unanimous and took place in the annual meeting of the Palette and Chisel Club.

    When he was installed, Mr. Petrtyl made a short speech, in which he self consciously expressed, that he was proud because a Bohemian was elected to the highest office of the art society in which Bohemians are only a small minority. Mr. Petrtyl formerly was recorder for the organization.

    Only three Bohemians are active members of the society, Petrtyl, Lukas and Krasa. At the last exhibition held by the club, Mr. Petrtyl's paintings were praised and reproduced by several English journals.

    II A 3 c, IV